Our services

  • Import & export
  • Warehouse management
  • Claims handling
  • AEO guidance
  • NCTS – Transit
  • Dangerous goods declaration
  • Fiscal representation
  • Consultancy
Our services


You prefer to outsource ALL your customs activities?
No problem at all. Just say the word and ECA will gladly step in.

You have your own staff in place but you would still like to call upon a customs expert?
Together we can determine which activities we can take over or assist with.

You have the required licenses but lack the necessary knowledge?
ECA can take care of your declarations from a distance. It’s just as if you had declared them yourself, and if necessary, your customer will remain unaware of our intervention.

Your wish – our solution

ECA has offices in Antwerp, at the TCT terminal in Willebroek and at the Antwerp East terminal in Grobbendonk. We can also assist you with your declarations in the Port of Zeebrugge. Thanks to a solid partnership we can also take care of the customs formalities in the Netherlands and Germany.

Established in 2000, ECA has an AEO license for customs and security. As a result, we are a safe and reliable partner for all customs matters. ECA offers a total package to help you put yours customs formalities in order at the appropriate time.

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Why choose ECA as your customs partner

100% neutral and independent

Customs is our core business. We do not offer transport, storage or shipping services, we focus exclusively on customs.

Years of experience

ECA has years of experience and a team of senior customs consultants on different locations. Continuous training and seminars keep our knowledge and expertise up-to-date.

Our locations

Whether your shipment is handled via the port of Antwerp or Zeebrugge, we can assist you. Also our inland offices in Willebroek (TCT terminal) and Grobbendonk (Antwerp East terminal) can assist you.
Thanks to a solid partnership we can also take care of the customs formalities in the Netherlands and Germany.

AEO license

ECA has an AEO (Authorized Economic operator) license for both customs and security. This quality label awarded by the customs authorities confirms that ECA is a safe and reliable customs partner. If you wish to benefit from a “green lane” for your flow of goods choose your reliable AEO customs service provider.

Fast & efficient

it is our goal to complete each order within the shortest possible timeframe. After all, time is money!
Send us your instruction and we’ll get to work! ECA has up-to-date customs software and links with the most important port community systems. (APCS / Portbase / …)


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