Authorisation customs representative

Dear customer,

Since the introduction of the Union Customs Code (UCC) it is important that a customs representative is authorised by the party who needs representation. The importer or exporter who is outsourcing his customs declarations to a customs representative needs to grant this authorisation.

In future, please provide us this authorisation when sending a new order to us, as well as proof the signatory is authorised to represent the company. It is the importer/exporter who needs to sign the authorisation, and addressed to the customs representative taking care of the customs declarations.

Please note this is a one time authorisation only for each importer/exporter. There is no need for authorisation for every single order for the same importer/exporter. Please find the authorisation by clicking NL / ENG, also available on our website

You can send the authorisation attached to your next order, or if you want to prepare the administration without a link to a specific shipment you can send it in advance to

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending your question to