NO declaration = NO transport

Dear customer,

We would like to remind you about a new policy in “handling” and “Customs fines” related to goods being picked up without customs approval.

Fines for taking goods prior to customs approval will significantly increase as from 1/3/18.

Please note that customs make no distinction in the type of verification which is requested, nor the way the goods were selected. Selection can be based upon the incoming cargo manifest, based on an import/export declaration, etc. Customs can request for a physical verification, as well as an administrative check only. Goods can only be shipped/transported with customs approval.

Shipping/transportation without customs approval will lead to a customs fine of 5000 € for a first violation, repeated violation will lead to a fine of 7500 €, and later on possible prosecution for the Belgian court.

Please inform all partners in your logistics chain to make sure they are well informed about the obligations they have related to presenting or picking up the cargo. A mistake or miscommunication can lead to an expensive customs fine.

Transport or shipment of goods can only be executed once you received a valid customs declaration. Only giving an order to declare is NOT enough to execute transport/shipment.

Please send your order in time, and keep that in mind while planning transportation. There is always a chance your declaration is picked for customs inspection.