Remember to deal with the necessary customs formalities when importing goods from outside the EU. ECA takes care of the necessary customs declarations and provide assistance in case of customs checks. You will also receive an overview of the import duties & VAT that need to be paid.


Of course we also provide services when exporting goods outside of the EU. We can handle your export declaration, assist you with customs checks and follow up the important customs confirmation of export.

NCTS – Transit

We provide declarations for goods still under customs supervision that have not yet been released for free circulation. The declarations are submitted electronically via the NCTS system and our software is linked with most terminals so the documents can easily be picked up by the transporting company.

Fiscal representation

No VAT representation in Belgium? ECA can act as your global fiscal representative.

Declaration of dangerous goods

When delivering dangerous goods in the port of Antwerp, please make sure you are well aware of the specific Antwerp port regulations related to dangerous goods. Provide us the details of your goods/shipment and ECA can take care of the declaration.

Warehouse management

A bonded warehouse can be a solution for the temporary storage of goods awaiting further treatment or shipment. However, it is best not to underestimate the stock management and administrative formalities this implies. ECA can help you manage this warehouse administration, or we can automate and take over the entire administrative process.

AEO guidance

Obtaining an AEO license can be a key asset in international trading. Most simplified customs procedures or licenses are only accessible for companies with an AEO license. Obtaining an AEO license is often time-consuming and labour-intensive within your company. ECA can assist you with your application, screening of your procedures and activities, and guide you through the audits.



Claims handling

You are facing a dispute with the authorities? You are dissatisfied with the outcome of a specific issue? ECA will gladly investigate how the matter can be resolved to your satisfaction. We provide assistance in all your contacts with the customs administration and manage your claims file.


In need for specific customs advice? Looking for a customs procedure to ensure an optimal flow of goods? ECA helps you find the best possible solution that saves both time and money!